Barcelona (Multilingual version)- part 2

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Barcelona & Gaudí
They go together hand in hand, they can't be separated, noone can imagine Barcelona without Gaudí and Gaudí without Barcelona. It's full of him. It's beautiful, colourful and happy. It's the kind of modern art I am fond of.
La Sagrada Família
Snáď každý ju pozná, všetci sme o nej počuli… Gaudí's masterpiece, his life project, his dream, a lot of work.. The construction works in Sagrada Familia are still in progress and the main and highest tower will hopefully be built in 20 years ( I hope I will have chance to see it finished because it's just amazing☺)
And so we entered, stared with our mouths open and contributed with few coins in a shop (postcards are hanging on my wall now)
I admire Gaudí more than ever.

La Pedrera…
…is one of his astonishing buildings in Barcelona standing between ordinary panel houses in an ordinary noisy street. It was designed for a very rich lady that clearly expressed her wish and then(in early 20s ) it was considered ugly and strange:)
Škoda, že sa na Pedreru nemôžeme pozrieť z oblakov, lebo sochy bojovníkov na streche vytvárajú unikátne dielo.
In fact, the warriors on the roof reminded me of Star Wars☺
Túto budovu sme si nechali na posledný deň keď sme boli úplne totálne vyčerpané a potom sme si celý deň gratulovali, ako pekne sme zvládli celú prehliadku a ešte aj Park Guell- ach áno, kofeín to zvládol za nás.
There is a beautiful apartment as a part of the exhibition in Pedrera, designes naturally by Gaudí and- oh yes, I wouldn't mind to rent an apartment like this for my Erasmus year☺

Park Güell
This park is Gaudí's vision of a perfect world, every single detail, colour and shape is elaborated nad set in a beatiful hill park as if it was the most natural thing on earth.
As you sit on the famous benches on the top they are shaped to fit your back to make you feel comfortable.
And- to tell the truth, on Monday I fell asleep on one of them(siesta☺) (Holky mi tvrdili, že som začala chrápať, čomu odmietam veriť, pretože ja sama sa za chrápajúcu osobu nepovažujem - možno to bolo jemné a roztomilé pradenie spôsobené extrémnou únavou☺ )
We climbed to the very top of it- the view was great- and them got lost for a while in one of the unknown quarters… luckily, even without my sense of direction I have my guides with a map…

There is an olympic park on another Barcelona's hill (Olympic games of 1992) and from the harbour you can either take fenicular or teleféric to get to the top of it. It's a labyrint of beautiful gardens uncovering the view on Catalanian Museum of Art - fenomenal building just over Placa Espagna.
From there you can walk around the Olympic zone (a kamarátky mi prezdradili, že niektoré z budov boli tak zle postavené, že už teraz- po 15 rokoch- sa rozpadajú, čo je trochu smutné), see the stadium, outdoor swimming pool with impressive panorama over the city ( som si istá, že diváci nevedia, či sledovať to plávanie alebo ten výhľad)
and lead your way up to the castle…
Z celého parku vidíte Barcelonu pod sebou a z diaľky sa zdá byť tak trochu obyčajná, budovy a občas niečo vysoké a tá oblá veža☺ ale je to len ďalší dôkaz toho, že zdanie klame.

Something cute: On Montjuic there is a statue of people dancing Catalanian dances and every Sunday- after a regular mass in a church old people gather in the square in front of the Cathedral dancing real Catalanian dance☺
Barcelona & Sea

Eating & drinking in Barcelona

Je zaujímavé, že odkedy študujeme v Ríme, vychutnávame, porovnávame, ochutnávame a hodnotíme, dosť veľa času trávime rozhovormi práve o jedle a starostlivo plánujeme, čo bude na večeru, kam pôjdeme alebo čo pripravíme.

And in Catalania you can eat well. Barcelona is full of markets with seafood, fruits, vegetables, cheeses nad delicious sweets, restaurants are much cheaper comparing to Rome or Perugia, traditional tapas are served everywhere (with a lot of wine) and we went crazy about Sangria and Turron.
We excused the significant amount of alcohol we had drunk there with the facts of the hostel being so cold and having to walk a lot… the same about the food☺
We tried everything and we were eagerly looking forward to taking the famous paella on our last evening. We had found the best paella restaurant three days in advance and then- starving- we were served a huge pan full of mixed paella (seafood nad meat) and I admire my friends because they managed to find some more space for dessert.
And as we were enjoying ourselves eating and drinking, I received one hilarious phone call from my friend calling me from far Argentina which totally made my evening.
Milujem tvoje príležitostné telefonáty a som rada, že jemne perlivá matonka sa podáva aj v ďalekej ohnivej zemi☺ Len tak ďalej… Dobre vychladená minerálka určite podporuje obranyschopnosť organizmu☺
The same evening( and the following ones) Tiina had really long- lasting hiccough: someone must have been thinking of her constantly- but she fighted to much to get rid of it- Elise tried to help with a reliable Danish recipe against it: you have to say 3 times:
-Hikke hikke hikke
Gi mig koldt vand at drikke -
And then take 3 gulps of water.
I'm sure it might work for people that can pronounce it correctly and without laughing madly and that- of course- have some water with them☺
We found our new favourite Catalanian pub- L'Ovella Negra (myslím, že obrázok hovorí za všetko)
We entered an amazing (Harlem) jazz club where we have seen passionate guy dancing Falmenco with fire in his eyes nad body…the musie sounded in my ears all the night and I felt filled with Spain.
Ach áno, Barcelona je fajn.
In fact, we were walking down Barcelona's streets looking for the reasons to come back (and we found many).
Vi ma komme tilbage.
Dobbiamo ritornarci.

Girls, you know that at the beginning I was a bit upset and a bit disappointed about what some people had (or hadn't) done, the the °°°°°°°rain, but this trip totally cheered me up! You are great companions! Thank you! Mille grazie. Muchas gracias.

An just like we said:
Se tullee olemann huippua!
Det bliver legendarisk!

It was. LEGEN- wait for it- DARY.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Se oli huippua Se oli huippua | 29. listopadu 2007 v 10:23 | Reagovat

Cara Zuzanna, what a nice article, u can really be proud of yourself  ;)! And the funniest thing is that what I wrote to my blog what almost exactly the same things :). So good memories of our Barcelona, it's always about attitude, and when u have such a great friends with u it is always LEGENDARY....I can never forget  how Zuzanna snorred in Park Guell ;)...

Waiting for our next adventure, (spero che vediamo oggi flamenco anche a Trastevere :))


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