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It was one of those days you want to last forever and suddenly they're gone and you find yourself sitting in the airplane flying back asking: Was it real? Am I still dreaming? You see the sunrise, you see the coast and then Paris and mountains with snow on the top but when you close your eyes, you still see it- you see London, you picture all the moments and you wish the plane wasn't shaking so much- to let you sleep, to let you keep on dreaming…

Just a perfect day… a sunny day in London town…

When I was leaving Rome on Friday afternoon I thought one couldn't get more angry and I was swearing, I hated Rome for a while and I was desperate to leave Italy.
But, things are more complicated here…. Some wise Italians decided that there would be "sciopero generale" on Friday- general strike when people don't work, there are no buses, trams or flights.. and in fact, there are no taxis either because people just book all of them one day in advance. Sciopero generale is the thing that just happens from time to time here and usually in the most inconvenient days.
I thought I could walk to Termini with my bags to catch a shuttle to the airport, but it was raining on Friday and when it rains in Rome, umbrella doesn't help because it rains cats and dogs and the streets are covered in a layer of dirty water. Well, I used the nicest smile I was capable of in such mood and one of my friends took me to Termini in her car (poor Lorella, of course there were traffic jams because of "sciopero generale" and the journey that would normally take 10 minutes took more that an hour-Scusa e grazie, Lorella!!!!)

Don't forget to keep that smile on your face…

When I finally came to the airport, all the flights to London Luton were cancelled and apparently I was very lucky because my flight to Stansted was "only" 3 hours late. But waiting is something I am used to here in Italy.. what was making me upset was that stupid italian strike got me rid of 3 more hours in England (which would have been undoubtedly amazing)
What's more, when finally our plane was supposed to take off a terrible storm begun and we could see lightnigs behind the small windows. The natural consequence was waiting one more hour inside the plane (and after 30 minutes I was kicking the British guy sitting next to me praying: Please, take off!!!)

Just keep smiling please…. Tranquillo...

And then I was in London and even if I could, I wouldn't change a single thing because it was what you call a "perfect day" or- in my case- a perfect weekend…

Will you let me romanticize? The beauty in our London skies… You know that the sunlight always shines behind the clouds of London skies…
I can't remember how it started… I just remember moments of happiness, I remember talking and laughing, I remember lights of cars, I remember a Redbridge station and Holborn station and then… what happened then?
My weekend began.
It felt just right being where I was the first evening and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
I was a stranger in the city… Or- was I?
I remember being thirsty…
And then we drank a lot of water.

Saturday in London is just charming. When you wake up and then you actually wake up and go out- when you smell English air and see a daylight in the streets… you just feel different. I did. This place is as much unlike Rome as it can be and I was so glad because of that.
We had a brunch (oh, I just love brunch☺) or- to be politically correct- we had a big British breakfast at 11.30 in Covent garden that filled me up till the evening (I can't understand how can they eat stuff like that every morning). It was a nice day. It was not raining and I could hardly trust my eyes when I saw the rays of sunlight twinkling in the water of Trafalgar square fountain.
I know you were tired but you have to admit that National Gallery is a neat place to see(I'm still thinking about stealing that Monet painting, it's so beautiful☺ )
We were walking down the street, we saw a funny horse man on a very dangerous biting and kicking horse☺ and I was a typical tourist again making picture of everything.

But I would never make it without my marvellous guide taking care of me when I was looking left instead of looking right or I just wasn't looking.
And so it is… fantastic, fantastic, fantastic… or is it you?
With the poppies proudly pinned on our jackets we were walking and talking or buying souvenirs(at least one of us… to be an honest lawyer☺).
The Houses of Parliament I was staring at on my favourite painting just appeared in front of me… All-seeing London Eye (run by British Airways)- it was watching us from the other side of Thames and we politely greeted back (Salve… remember?)
Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palade, Hyde Park and Queen's Gardens- I remember reading about these places in the guidebooks…
Books may show you a picture but they will never capture the feeling of breathing in the scent of autumn trees, the sound od fallen leaves beneath your feet. No book would describe how funny it is to learn British accent from the American guy or to get lost for a little while in London.
In the evening we ate delicious Mexican food amd then went to the theatre in the west end. I was impressed, lost for words… Les Miserables in the Queen's Theatre in Soho (am I right?)- for me it was really something to remember.
London by night is full of blinding lights, surprises and contrasts ( N:B pubs in London usually close by 11pm while pubs in Rome open at the same time☺ ), I was so sorry that I had forgotten my camera---I would have made a photograph of----- of everything that was making me so happy that Saturday.

Just a perfect day, you made me forget myself, I thought I was someone else, someone new…

It was nice to be somewhere where you understand everyone and people actually talk to each other (in Italy they shout with passionate gestures☺), it was nice to buy a Coke in Tesco again and to get a big Sunday morning Starbucks caramel macchiato and sandwiches instead of espresso and nutella croissant (that's what italian people usually eat for breakfast)

On Sunday we went to Cambridge.
It felt very British to me. Clean, with beautiful old brick houses and of course, the world famous Cambridge University.
We turned into ordinary English students for a while breathing in the amosphere of amazing Saint John's College, King's or Queen's College and of river Cam.
We had a pint of Irish beer in the Eagle Pub (I liked the pub very much), I tried a real American hamburger for the first time (it was just huge!) and we were listening to the chor singing Latin song in one of the churches. It was a lovely afternoon, it was a lovely evening. I've experienced the British chilly mist and first flashes of Christmas in mid-november.
Oh- such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you…
What I have written here is just a small bit of the real magic of England. It wasn't only history, it wasn't only culture and restaurants, was it? All those small unforgettable things bearing in your mind…

Turn the clock to zero honey,
we've spent all the money,
we're starting up a brand new day
Wait a minute, wait an hour ,
turn the clock back,
ignore the alarm and don't let go…

We still haven't seen the sunrise, have we? (The one in Rome doesn't count☺)

I have to go back to London. There are more art books waiting for me in the bookshop of National Portrait Gallery, I still haven't seen Madame Tussaud's and I have only seen the Queen at the banknotes and coins. There is so much to do and a weekend is just not enough.
Now I am back in Rome… I'm sure tonight I'll be dreaming of romantic London….

We're starting up a brand new day… good night and-good morning

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1 Kata H. Kata H. | 16. listopadu 2007 v 18:09 | Reagovat

Sisulka! Krasne sa ti to tu rozrasta a som rada, ze si to tam tak perfektne uzivas!!! Velmi pekne pises o velmi peknych veciach!

drz sa pa!

2 Verča S. Verča S. | 17. listopadu 2007 v 17:16 | Reagovat

Tys nás chtěla procvičit v angličtině, že? Povedlo se, i tak jsem to celé přečetl a uplně tě tam viděla:o)

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